Angry Birds Magic brings Rovio's Game into NFC Reality

If there's one formula that's worked for Rovio thus far with their Angry Birds game series, it's the promise of extra levels. Rovio's newest effort in spreading the love is a new Angry Birds game called Angry Birds Magic. Angry Birds will soon have a feature in which when you tap your NFC-enabled phone to a friend's NFC-enabled phone, you'll unlock several new levels. This feature was revealed to at WIMA 2011 at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco – tap unto the future!

What this new NFC feature will do, Rovio hopes, is encourage users to seek out and find new friends by asking if they've got Angry Birds on their device, asking then that they might tap their phones together for some Magic! Angry Birds Magic will require you to tap a friend with an NFC's phone after your first five levels of play in order to unlock the next five. After the next five, you'll need to find another new friend and tap with them, then a third after the next five.

While we expect this new game to be available for all the usual platforms soon, it will be available initially as a pre-loaded app on Nokia C7 devices, these devices of course being shipped with the new Symbian Anna, rolling out to all of Nokia's NFC-laden devices by the end of 2011. Oh Nokia, you mince you. Who would have thought you'd get such a bigtime promotion via Rovio for your new device?

Then again, what a strange way to see things then Nokia is definitely still one of the biggest contenders in the non-USA arena, across the world and back. Then Rovio, you cads! You've grown from a tiny company to a worldwide powerhouse of brand-goodness in only a few months! For goodness sakes!

Also I should note that we've got not just one, but TWO reviews of the Nokia C7 Astound available for you: one from the USA from yours truly, the other from merry ol' England courtesy of your good friend Chris Davies.

[via Netbook News]