Nokia C7-00 gets pre-announce preview: "more balanced" than N8

It seems even the threat of legal action can't keep Mobile-review's Eldar Murtazin from spilling the beans on unannounced Nokia handsets, with the latest on his test bench to be the upcoming Nokia C7-00.  Spotted in the wild back in early June, the Symbian^3 handset has a 3.5-inch AMOLED 640 x 360 display and, Murtazin reckons, is basically the N8 with a mere 8-megapixel camera and no HDMI output.

That, he says, adds up to a reasonably appealing smartphone, and one which photos don't do justice.  The display is good – though Murtazin criticizes Nokia's capacitive multitouch technology, which he says is a software issue the Finnish company still hasn't ironed out – and battery life and screen response is better than the N8.

Unfortunately, the one thing we'd really like to hear about – the C7-00's 8-megapixel camera – is the one thing that's not reviewed, with Murtazin citing the prototype status of the phone.  Still, he thinks it'll be a "more balanced handset" than the N8, though still perhaps not enough to lead the market, when it arrives at the end of fall priced at an estimated €350 ($445).