Nokia C6 on sale; N8 release to coincide with Nokia World?

With Nokia World 2010 just around the corner, we're seeing plenty of news – official and otherwise – from the Finns.  Fresh to Vodafone UK comes the C6, the company's latest QWERTY slider, with the carrier also announcing that if you want the green N8 then you'll have to see them too, since it's a network exclusive.  Meanwhile there's more news on when exactly the N8 will hit shelves.

Nokia US has already confirmed that the Symbian^3 smartphone will be showing up by the end of September, with their online store taking preorders at $549 apiece.  However, Electricpig has heard from Dolby – who Nokia worked with to put Dolby Digital Plus audio on the N8 – that the touchscreen smartphone is due mid-September in the UK.

Nokia World kicks off on September 15th in London, UK, so that would certainly all tie in neatly if the Finns could get in-store availability at around the same time.  We'd love it if they managed to get the shiny new N9 on shelves then too, but that seems a little too much to ask.