Nokia billing N97 pre-order customers: delivery imminent?

Nokia are reportedly beginning to debit the accounts of those who pre-ordered the N97 smartphone, suggesting that the rumored June 2nd release date could turn out to be true.  According to a member of the N97 Geeks Forum, Nokia have billed him for the full pre-order price of the smartphone on May 19th.

According to the Nokia customer reps, anybody preordering the N97 will see the full cost of the handset debited from their account immediately.  That figure will then be refunded in 1-2 business days – it only being used to check whether the buyer can actually afford the phone – and the actual payment taken out when the N97 is ready for shipment.

We're waiting to hear whether anybody else has reported the payment being taken; so far it's a lone voice.  However it does seem to lend weight to the talk that the N97 is almost here in the US.

[via Darla Mack]