Nokia Asha 501 gains Foursquare app: even without GPS

If you thought Foursquare was going to abandon the smallest of the small, the cheapest of the cheap in smartphone technology, you were wrong. Here this week the folks developing Foursquare have released the app for the Nokia Asha 501. This is a device that does not have GPS abilities – this would normally hinder an app that largely depends on such data – but no worries! This version of the app will use location data picked up by your network connection.

This app is one of the few available on essentially any smartphone you're able to pick up – here on the Asha 501, it deserves a medal for good effort. What you'll be doing here is checking in as you normally would on any other smartphone with Foursquare, here working with a simplified user interface to make sure the entirety of this smartphone's relatively tiny and low-resolution display is made use of.

Users will still be able to add friends, seek notifications, and work with location searching. Supposing your connected to mobile data you'll be able to search nearby locations for places of interest, check the locations you've been to make sure you're still Mayor, and check information on locations such as, for example, if they've got free wi-fi.

You can see photos from locations, keep track of your own profile, and of course: check in. The graphics are simple, the app is small, and the whole experience looks to be just about as cut-down while remaining usable as it possibly could be.

Sound like a winner? This app is free – of course – and should be available for download by you immediately if not soon, if you've got a Nokia Asha 501 on hand, that is. If you've got any other smartphone – you'll probably be able to download Foursquare there as well.

VIA: Nokia Conversations