Nokia 8800 blows into town

Chris Davies - Sep 4, 2006

If you fancy a bloody expensive Nokia, but can’t quite sell enough kidneys to manage a Vertu, you could do worse than take a look at the new 8800 Sirocco Edition, on sale today. Still with its predecessor’s stainless steel case (albeit slightly remoulded in a “hot thumb on fresh pastry” style) and 262k colour screen, it sadly also comes with tiny keys perfect for crippling the chunky of finger. Hopefully the new 2 megapixel camera and extended battery life will make up for that.

So, if you’re moderately rich, have slender digits and are in need of a swanky chunk of cellular bling, head on down to your local Nokia store. Estimated retail price is 1000 Euros, which also snags you a bluetooth headset.

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition []

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