Nokia 5300 XpressMusic phone reviewed - verdict? Meh.

Back when the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic was launched, complete with Gnarls Barkley and David Bowey on-hand to lend "youth appeal", I couldn't help but think it looked a little bit Tiny Town with the rubbery side panels and the Tonka-chunky controls.  Not something I'd be comfortable whipping out of my pocket if I were a business person, say, or a registered medical professional.  Still, the benefit of the doubt is in order and I waited until the first reviews hit the electronic streets before damning it utterly. 


infoSync World have done the honours and found that the 5300 is a reasonable DAP and, frankly, a mediocre phone.  It might score 86% but when the cons include "lousy music management software; bulky design; background noise on calls" you do have to wonder what benefit – aside from convergence – you're getting over, say, a separate iPod Nano and any one of the fashionably slim cellphones that operators are desperate to give you for nowt on a new contract.

They do praise the Bluetooth stereo audio and its ease of setup, but sadly Nokia don't capitalise on this strength by including compatible headphones in the box – you just get a "low end" set of wired ones instead.  This could've been the push that gets wireless music into the hands of teens and young adults, and frankly they've missed the chance.  Bad Nokia, no pie for you!

Will it sell well?  Probably.  Will I buy it?  No.  Expect to pay around $250 when it's released.

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