Nokia 5250 touchscreen Symbian^1 phone gets official

Nokia World 2010 is a matter of weeks away, but the Finns aren't sitting on their new catalog and waiting for the limelight; instead, they've just outed the new Nokia 5250, leaked a few weeks back and slotting in as another budget touchscreen handset in the company's mainstream range.  Effectively another riff on the 5800 theme, the 5250 has a 2.8-inch 360 x 640 touchscreen, 2-megapixel camera, Symbian^1 OS and a meager €115 ($145) price tag pre-taxes and subsidies.

There's also Ovi Music support, a microSD card slot, FM radio and a copy of Guitar Hero 5 Mobile; in certain countries the 5250 will be bundled with Ovi Music Unlimited, too.  As with other mainstream Nokias, battery life is a particular strength: expect up to 18 days standby or seven hours talktime, or alternatively a full 24hrs of music playback.

It's not going to impress the people waiting anxiously for the N8 (or, for that matter, the Nokia N9), but don't forget that entry-level and mainstream handsets are where the Finns make the most money.  The Nokia 5250 is set to launch in Q4 2010; no word on specific countries or regions, as yet.