Nokia 5.4 is coming to the US unlocked

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It isn't really a surprise that HMD Global has been flooding the smartphone market with a dizzying array of smartphones just like how Nokia did back in the old days. Also unsurprisingly, it hasn't made all of those available in the US, where consumers are considered a bit pickier and often lean towards the high-end tiers. That said, it does open the doors to some of its mid-range Nokia smartphones in the US from time to time, especially in unlocked versions, like the new-ish Nokia 5.4 that will be arriving in two weeks.

The Nokia 5.4 launched last month under rather amusing circumstances. It launched at the same time that HMD Global opened its direct-to-consumers online store in the US, removing the need for middlemen retailers and carriers. The Nokia 5.4, however, was not part of that store, and the phone launched only in Europe.

That is now changing, however, with the Nokia 5.4 coming to the US in as early as two weeks. HMD might not be making a big deal out of it, though, considering it's one of the many mid-range phones that does litter the market. There's the Snapdragon 662 with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, the only configuration available in the US, for example. The 6.39-inch screen also goes only as far as HD+ resolutions.

There are a few highlights that HMD Global likes to brag about, like the quad-camera system led by a 48MP sensor. The US model also has Dual SIM support, something that might still be rare for the market. And then there are HMD's promised software updates for its phones, though its track record hasn't exactly been that consistent.

The Nokia 5.4 will arrive unlocked in the US and will start shipping on Amazon starting February 15, 2021, though you can order one now. Curiously, the US Nokia store won't be shipping the same phone until March 1. Both sources carry both Dusk and Polar Night color options and put the same $249.99 price tag on the phone.