Nokia 330 Auto Navigation stops in-car slaughter

"Riding along in my automobile," Chuck Berry sang, "my baby beside me at the wheel."  And yet we can only assume heartache and misery was just around the bend, as Chuck asked his baby which way he was supposed to turn, and she said something along the lines of "I don't know, why do you always leave the map-reading to me, my mother was right, you're just the same as all the other men, I need the toilet, stop the car" before they beat each other to death with their own bloodied limbs.Death could've been avoided had Nokia released its 330 Auto Navigation GPS sat-nav system back in 1964, but instead it chose to do it today.  The 3.5" touchscreen-equipped device has full Europe-wide maps stored on a 2gb data card inside its slender body, and runs the Route 66 Navigator 7 software with NAVTEQ map data.  Should you have pulled into a lay-by and be cuddling with your Sweet Little Sixteen, the 330 can serenade you with some Rock and Roll Music, or even a slide show or videos.

The 330 should be available fourth-quarter 2006, at €360 (pre taxes).