No Twitch for Wii U as Nintendo says it’s not fun

Chris Burns - Jun 12, 2014, 11:45 am CDT
No Twitch for Wii U as Nintendo says it’s not fun

It’s not fun to watch video games with Twitch, apparently – so says Nintendo this week after lighting up E3 2014 with a load of games that’d otherwise give great confidence to its audience. This comes immediately after Sony let loose a new update for their PlayStation camera made specifically for streaming in the same fashion Twitch does, and right after E3 2014 was streamed in its entirety by Twitch.

It was in a chat with Polygon that Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime let it be known that Twitch is not fun. “We don’t think streaming 30 minutes of gameplay by itself is a lot of fun,” said Fils-Aime, “[but] we’re looking to do a lot of great things with Twitch.”

Instead of allowing straight streaming in any way shape or form with Twitch on Nintendo Wii U, it’s apparent that Nintendo is aiming for a more Apple-esque control of the situation. Fils-Aime suggested that only certain types of gameplay are interesting to watch.

The “Smash Invitational” held this year at the Nokia Theater, for example, Fils-Aime suggested that “we loved [to have] streamed because that’s where you are able to see how these players perform, the moves the make, you can learn something.” In other words – if Nintendo approves, it can be streamed.

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