No Skype 3G for Verizon Galaxy Tab

Chris Davies - Nov 3, 2010, 3:44am CDT
No Skype 3G for Verizon Galaxy Tab

Skype has confirmed that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will not have access to Verizon’s 3G-capable Skype app, which the carrier offers exclusively on its US Android smartphones.  Instead, the Verizon Galaxy Tab will get the regular Skype app recently added to the Android Market, which only allows VoIP calls over WiFi connections in the US.

Leaks last month suggested the Verizon Skype app would be missing at launch, but this new confirmation indicates the app will never be hitting the Tab.  Since the North American versions of the Froyo slate lack the voice call capabilities of the European Galaxy Tab we reviewed recently, it seems the US carriers are keen to make sure subscribers carry both a phone and a Tab, rather than just the latter.

[via Android Community]

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