No plans for black US Wii says Nintendo

Chris Davies - Jul 17, 2009
No plans for black US Wii says Nintendo

What a difference a color makes.  The humble Nintendo Wii, usually placid and undemanding in its standard white casing, gets a shot of danger, excitement and devil-may-care panache in its black Japanese variant, but that sort of illicit color-thrill is obviously far too much for the US to cope with.  Nintendo have confirmed that they have “no plans to have other colors of Wii in the US.”

Unfortunately that means that, while Japanese gamers tired of clean, demure white will be able to pick up the so-called KURO Wii from August 1st, there’s no change in sight for anyone stuck in the US.  Of course, if sales of the black version surprise even Nintendo with their enthusiasm, it’s possible that their “no plans” may suddenly change.

For now, though, your best bet is a spray can and a roll of masking tape (note: SlashGear doesn’t actually recommend taking a can of spray-paint to your console) or wearing dark glasses to mimic the effect of a black casing.  Still, if you’re looking at the console rather than the screen when gaming, the color is the least of your problems.

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