No DLC for Rock Band Wii

Chris Scott Barr - Mar 27, 2008

I’ve been pretty excited to hear that Rock Band is finally headed to the Wii. Since I picked up my Wii earlier in the month, I’ve barely felt the need to turn on my 360. However, I have been concerned about the Wii’s ability to handle the kind of DLC that makes Rock Band so great. Harmonix has stepped up and let us know exactly what is going on in regards to this.

Unfortunately my fears are founded, as Harmonix has confirmed that you will not be able to download any additional tracks at this time. The only compensation for the lack of DLC is the five extra tracks that will be included on the disc. We still don’t know which songs these will be, or if they will be exclusive to the Wii.

On a lighter note, Harmonix has also stated that the guitar will not require the use of your Wiimote. It will be a standalone wireless controller.

[via Game|Life]

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