Nissan 10-minute electric car charger revealed

Batteries are always a point of contention when it comes to the reviewing of mobile devices, and with the electric car revolution slowly... approaching... mainstream, we've got to start considering how fast those batteries are able to be pumped up. Of course it has to do with the charger itself, when it comes down to it, with the common charger taking up to eight hours currently – Nissan looks to alleviate that silly time waster with a brand new 10-minutes-flat wait time with their charger that'll knock the socks off of the future. Time to go electric, everyone?

Nissan and Japan's Kansai University have announced that they've been working on the technology to make it possible to charge the batteries needed to run cars like the Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi iMiEV in 10-minutes, this of course MUCH faster than the fastest charger at the moment. This ability to charge so quickly comes via changing the electrode inside a capacitor from carbon to tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide to improve power – this jumble of words to the lay man coming from Asean Automotive News, in addition to the fact that it appeared that batteries charged using this brand new updated system were complete in 10 minutes with NO significant effect on storage or voltage.

Sources say, unfortunately, that it could take a decade to commercialize this technology, but that should it come to market, the electric car industry would basically certainly take off. What do you think? What's the biggest factor in your mind holding you back from purchasing an electric car? For my family, I must say, it has a lot more to do with that we've literally never purchased a brand new car – and I'm talking my extended family, here, so until this generation is forward a few, we sure as heck won't be getting into them. See you in 20 years, electricity.

[via NYDaily]