Nintendo trademark tips DS Motion-Sensitivity

Nintendo have trademarked two new gaming-related terms, one of which suggests that a motion-sensing add-on for the handheld DS is in the works.  The trademark database refers to the "DS Houi Sensor Card", with houi meaning "direction" or "cardinal point" in Japanese, and has led to predictions of a new range of cartridges that would offer title-specific motion-sensing.

The second trademark, however, is less obvious in its meaning.  Nintendo have applied for the phrase "Wii Golden Handle", but with no further detail than the title it's tricky to say what exactly it could be. 

At the same time as the two new hardware trademarks, the company also pushed through a number of new Pokémon games each with color titles.  Twelve new titles were named; it's uncertain whether Nintendo intends to actually develop those games, or is merely securing them against third-party use.