Nintendo Switch Year in Review could come as a pandemic shock

2020 is quickly drawing to a close, but before it does, Nintendo has launched its Switch Year in Review website that allows Switch owners to see a number of statistics about their year in gaming. Nintendo does this at the end of every year, showing Switch owners what their most-played games of the year were, along with how many hours they played throughout the year. There are even some special Mario-themed stats for 2020, as this is Mario's 35th anniversary.

Accessing your Switch Year in Review is a very easy process, as all you need to do is head over to Nintendo's website and log into your Nintendo account. Once you do, you'll see a bunch of different stats, with Nintendo starting by telling you what kind of gamer you were in 2020 based on your gameplay history. Apparently, I'm a "core gamer," though I don't know what kind of qualifications a core gamer has in this case, nor do I know what the other options are.

Following your gamer designation, you'll be able to dive into your 2020 stats. You'll see your total hours played and the number of games you played throughout the year, compared to those same stats for 2019. We can probably expect a lot of players to see an increase in their total time played this year – maybe even a shocking increase – thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic keeping a lot of people cooped up inside throughout the year (and the fact that you can sink hundreds of hours into Animal Crossing helps too).

Then Nintendo will show you your most-played games in 2020 by total hours played – without actually showing you how many hours you spent in each, which is somewhat disappointing. You'll also see a month-by-month breakdown of hours played and you'll learn your most active day for the year. Mine was Tuesday, April 7th, which makes me wonder just what I was doing on that particular day.

The Year in Review wraps up by telling you how many games featuring Super Mario you played throughout the year, along with how many Mario missions you completed on My Nintendo. These are, of course, stats inspired by the fact that this year is Mario's 35th anniversary, and 2020 was certainly a year where a lot of Mario games made their way to the Nintendo Switch.

All in all, it's a nice wrap up for anyone who owns a Switch, but personally, I'd like to see even more stats about my playtime if Nintendo is tracking this stuff anyway. If you'd like to check out your own stats, hit the link above and sign into your Nintendo account – but keep in mind that this Year in Review feature only seems to be available for players in the US and Canada for now.