Nintendo Switch update 4.0 also adds support for wireless headsets

Earlier today, Nintendo pushed an update to Switch consoles that added a few long-requested features. Switch owners now have the ability to move their game data and saves to another console and they can also now record video clips of their gameplay. Though neither feature is perfect just yet, it's definitely a step in the right direction for the Switch, which was certainly feature-poor on launch.

However, those two big additions aren't the only things of note lurking in this patch. Though Nintendo doesn't make mention of it in the change log for version 4.0, this update also adds support for wireless headsets. The functionality was discovered by eagled eyed Redditors over on the Nintendo Switch subreddit.

It's important to note that the Switch won't work with all wireless headsets. Specifically, Bluetooth wireless headsets don't work with the Switch, which isn't very surprising. After all, Bluetooth headsets also don't work with the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, despite the fact that the controllers for both do operate through Bluetooth.

However, if you have a wireless headset that uses a USB receiver, you can simply plug that into your Switch's dock and your headset will begin working. Some have even said that USB-C connectors will work with an undocked Switch, so it really seems like Bluetooth functionality is the only thing absent with this update (and with that said, we probably shouldn't expect it any time soon).

The hope here is that this is the beginning of some much-needed changes to the way voice chat works on the Nintendo Switch. Currently, the only way to chat with friends in games like Splatoon 2 is to use a mobile app on a separate device, something that can be a major headache for players. Hopefully wireless headset support means that we can look forward to this being changed before Nintendo starts charging us a subscription fee for online play sometime next year.