Nintendo Switch SNES controller tips imminent retro game flood

It looks like Nintendo is planning to release a Super NES controller for the Nintendo Switch. The device recently made a pass through the Federal Communications Commission, and though the listing doesn't really tell us much on its own, it's the implication of an SNES controller for the Switch that has people excited. After all, a SNES controller must mean that SNES games are on the way, right?

If you've been following Nintendo's Switch Online build out over the past year, then the notion that SNES games will one day make their way to the Switch isn't really a surprise. Since the inception of Switch Online, Nintendo has been offering a collection of NES games as a perk for subscribers. Each month, the NES library on Switch Online grows, but if August's additions are any indication, then it seems that Nintendo is quickly running out of big-name games to add to the service.

That leads some to believe that Nintendo may start re-releasing games from other classic platforms soon. The SNES is an obvious choice if Nintendo is looking to further build out its collection of classic games on Switch Online, as the console was home to many games that are very fondly remembered by a lot of Switch owners.

The appearance of this SNES controller (which was discovered by ResetEra user Link83) supports the idea that Nintendo will soon start adding SNES games to Switch Online. Back when Switch Online launched, Nintendo released a pair of NES controllers made specifically for the Switch, which were only available to Switch Online subscribers. Assuming Nintendo does begin offering SNES games through Switch Online, this controller could be offered in a similar manner.

Time will ultimately tell, but it's starting to appear more and more likely that we'll soon see SNES games on Switch Online. We'll keep an ear to the ground for more, but for now, head down to comments section and tell us which SNES games you'd like to see offered on the Switch.