Nintendo Switch "Pro" release tipped by Halloween

The next Nintendo Switch was tipped for release in the year 2021, complete with a higher price and replacement plans for the original. The Nintendo Switch Lite is tipped to remain available at the same time as the new Nintendo Switch, while the original device is planned for retirement over an extended period of time.

The new Nintendo Switch is planned for release in the month of September or October of the year 2021. This timing would allow plenty of time for game developers to get their ducks in a row and reveal games in the weeks and months before the release of the device. It's likely this new device will be able to run all the same software as the original.

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The original Nintendo Switch was (and remains) priced at $299 USD. The Nintendo Switch Lite was launched at a price of $199 USD. The new Nintendo Switch will likely cost more than the original.

It's suggested by Bloomberg that sources familiar with the subject who wish to remain anonymous claim the new Switch will have a 7-inch Samsung Display-made OLED panel and an NVIDIA processor (a new version of what was in the original) that'll make it capable of bringing far more high definition (we're talking 4K) to connected panels with the Nintendo Switch dock.

It's entirely possible this new device will be called Nintendo Switch Pro, but no official confirmation has been made as yet. It's just as possible that the new Nintendo Switch will have a different name – but given the naming conventions that've run through tiny smart devices of all sorts over the past few years, the name "Pro" wouldn't be out of place.

Take a peek at the Nintendo Switch Pro articles in the timeline below to see each of the points at which we've gotten insight and/or leaked information about this new device. If you have a Nintendo Switch now, do you think you'll get an upgraded device when it becomes available? Do you think you'll feel the need for a better device to play the same games, or will new games be the only way you'll make the jump?