Nintendo Switch Pro release may change your plans for gifting

The Nintendo Switch Pro – as it's rumored to be called – had a few more details spill today before its release date inside 2021. The Nintendo Switch saw a major upswing in sales once the COVID-19 global pandemic took hold in 2020. Now, due in part to the extreme success of the Nintendo Switch in 2020, Nintendo will apparently release the Nintendo Switch Pro in early 2021 with new Mini LED display tech.

Would you wait several more months to get a Nintendo Switch just to make sure you've got the newest, most colorful, sharp, and bright display? Would you wait the extra time just to see if a new Nintendo Switch will drive down the price of the first Nintendo Switch?

Now that we're several years past the release of every other Nintendo gaming console, is it time at last to buy a last-gen machine? It's also nearly time for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 to see initial release to the public. Is it time to switch up to a non-Switch?

A report on UDN noted that the Nintendo Switch depends on display panels made mainly by Sharp and JDI (Japan Display Corporation). Both roll with IGZO technology – and they've obviously done well for themselves with the panel as the machine is one of the top selling gaming consoles of all time.

Now, Nintendo is reported to be speaking with Innolux for Mini LED technology for the next Nintendo Switch console. That'd likely be called Nintendo Switch Pro. It's possible that a 2021 release of a Nintendo Switch Pro would drive down the price of the first Nintendo Switch.

It could also simply mean Nintendo is ready to enter a higher price tier with a "Pro" console as their other two iterations of the Nintendo Switch continue to sit at the price points at which they've sold exceedingly well so far. We shall see soon!