Nintendo Switch Pro price and release date tipped

This week the Nintendo Switch Pro was leaked by a French retailer with data on release dates and pricing. This information is to be taken with a grain of salt, as one whole heck of a lot of data on this next-generation console has leaked over the past several weeks. The information attained courtesy of this leak suggests this new device will be released very, very soon, for a price that's ever-so-slightly higher than the original console at launch.

The original Nintendo Switch was released for a price around 330 Euro in Europe and $300 USD in the United States. The newest leak suggests that the Nintendo Switch Pro will be released with a price tag closer to 400 Euro. That'd indicate that the Nintendo Switch Pro will launch in the United States for a price of around $370.

Given standard pricing for products such as this, we're expecting that the Nintendo Switch Pro will cost around $350 USD for the version with the smallest internal storage – probably 64GB. This would place the pricing close to that of the Xbox Series S ($300) and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition ($400).

The Nintendo Switch Pro leak from Nintnd'Alerts this week tipped the price. Gamerant suggests that the Nintendo Switch Pro could be revealed and/or put on pre-order as soon as... today. Given the relative radio silence from Nintendo on this front, it would seem more likely that this is the date where retailers begin to get information about an impending release, rather than Nintendo actually launching said device to the public on pre-order.

So we'll keep crossing our fingers there's a Nintendo Switch coming today, but we won't bet on it! Instead, it's far more likely that we'll see info on this console by the end of the month of June – right on time for E3 2021!