Nintendo Switch price cut is official for Europe

Over the weekend, we mentioned a rumor that Nintendo was gearing up to slash the price of the Switch game console in Europe. What was only a rumor this weekend has now gone official with Nintendo cutting the base Switch price in the UK and other parts of Europe by around £20. With the price cut, the standard Switch is now priced at £259.99.

Before the price cut, the standard Switch was £279.99. Nintendo is set to launch an updated Switch featuring an OLED next month, starting at £309.99. The new price for the basic Switch puts it in a good spot to fall between the new OLED console and the Switch Lite, which sells for £199.99.

Interestingly, as of writing, the Switch is still listed at its old price on most third-party retailers such as Amazon. Currently, to get the new lower price, you have to purchase the Switch via Nintendo online store. Presumably, pricing will be changed by third-party retailers at some point today.

It's worth noting that rumors did suggest Nintendo would be cutting the Switch price in Europe more significantly than it did. Over the weekend, rumors suggested pricing in France would be reduced to €270 from €329. However, the price that Nintendo has made drops the Switch to €299.99 making it about €30 more expensive than the rumor suggested.

Presumably, a similar price cut will be made in the US. The new version of the Switch lands on October 8, and in addition to the new OLED, it also brings a better audio system, a more adjustable stand, and 64 gigabytes of internal storage. It's a safe bet that supply will be very tight at launch between the popularity of the Switch console and the chip shortage plaguing all industries.