Rumor claims Nintendo will knock $50 off the Switch

An interesting rumor is making the rounds concerning the Nintendo Switch game console. The console has been on the market for about four and a half years and is still selling for the same price it debuted at. Typically, as consoles age, the pricing comes down, but that hasn't happened for the Switch. However, that might change according to a new rumor.

We know in October, Nintendo has a revised version of the Switch coming to market featuring an OLED panel for the screen. According to this rumor, ahead of the launch of the new model, Nintendo is planning to slash the price of the current-generation Switch. The rumor claims pricing will go from €329 in France to €270. That would be approximately a $50 price cut in the US.

If this rumor is true, a price cut in France would likely mean a price cut in all of Europe and similar price cuts in the US. The source of the rumor comes from a French Twitter account called Nintend'Alerts, which reportedly has a reliable track record for rumors in the past. As of writing, Nintendo hasn't officially confirmed a price cut.

Reading into the rumor a bit more, if the price is cut on the Nintendo Switch, the assumption is the Switch Lite should see a similar price cut. The official launch date for the Switch OLED is October 8 and will have a retail price of $349.99. Along with the improved screen, it also gets a better stand and improved audio as well as 64 gigabytes of storage.

We aren't sure if Nintendo will continue to sell the current-generation Switch alongside the new OLED version, giving buyers an option at different price points. Having options would make sense, but Nintendo may only want to clear stock of the old model ahead of the launch.