Nintendo Switch now has Exploding Kittens for $10

If you've never heard of Exploding Kittens before, I envy you for having the opportunity to discover this oddity for the first time. We started covering the creation of Exploding Kittens back when it was first a physical card game concept. Back then, The Oatmeal and friends wanted to make a game that'd be quick, fun, and abnormal. They made that game with great aplomb.

Exploding Kittens has nothing to do with actual real-life kittens, real fire, or the destruction of real kitty life. Instead, it's all about avoiding explosions. You draw cards that have a variety of actions when played. Each card brings your opponent closer to destruction.

Once the game became the most backed game in Kickstarter history, it became apparent that there was potential for a digital edition. Enter Exploding Kittens, the app. This app already exists on the Google Play app store and the Apple app store for iOS devices. Now it's available for Nintendo Switch in the Nintendo store.

Exploding Kittens will cost you approximately $10. For that you get the original game as well as Streaking Kittens, Party Pack, and the Betrayal Pack expansions. You'll also get "exclusive cards" and multiplayer gameplay.

This game can be played alone, against opponents online, multiplayer at home, in handheld mode, tabletop mode, TV mode, all that good stuff. The game can be played with up to 5 players at a time, and it's scheduled for release on April 8, 2021 – that's today.

Or you could just go back to the original card game, which still exists and is being expanded upon – it's far more tactile and satisfying when you explode – unless you like sound effects and don't have a family full of individuals who don't make sound effects of their own. Social distancing might make this a better bet in the digital realm – for that, it's a winner.