Nintendo Switch holiday stock shortage likely as company revises forecast

Ongoing chip shortages have impacted a number of consumer products, not the least of which is the Nintendo Switch. A recent report from Nikkei Asia claimed Nintendo has been forced to slash its production targets for the fiscal year ending in March 2022, which is bad news for anyone hoping to pick up a Switch OLED model for the holidays.

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After the Nikkei report dropped earlier this week, a Nintendo spokesperson said the company was "assessing" the chip shortage's impact on its business, though the statement didn't go so far as to confirm any changes in its forecast.

Fast-forward to November 4 and a newly published Nintendo document titled "Notice of Full-Year Financial Forecast Modifications" that details a revision of the company's outlook for the remainder of its fiscal year. According to the document, the reason for Nintendo's forecast change is "based on the impact of Nintendo Switch hardware production" caused by the chip shortage, as well as "sales performance of Nintendo Switch software."

Holiday shortages?

The forecast change all but confirms the news from earlier this week regarding chip shortages and related Switch production issues. What does that mean for the average consumer? Issues getting one of the new Nintendo Switch OLED models will likely persist through the holidays, particularly as demand increases and people move quickly to buy units before the Christmas shopping season is in full swing.

If you were hoping to get yourself or someone you care about a Switch, particularly the new OLED model, for the holidays, it seems like the best plan going forward is to shop early and keep an eye on inventory levels at your preferred retailers. Waiting until the last minute to pick up a Switch may result in waiting weeks past the holidays before it arrives, and no one enjoys getting an order confirmation under the Christmas tree.

Multiple options

Which Switch model should you buy? It may be easier to your hands on the Switch Lite if you're desperate for a console, but think hard before making the jump. Though the Switch Lite is cheaper and easier to find, it also lacks some key features found on the larger models, particularly the ability to dock the console and play games on a TV.

Beyond that, Nintendo has officially released the Switch OLED model, which brings an improved display compared to the Switch model released a few years ago. If you're planning to invest in Nintendo's Switch ecosystem, there's no good argument against springing for the Switch OLED (cost aside). This latest and greatest model packs a 7-inch OLED screen, "enhanced audio," the companion dock with a LAN port, and 64GB of internal storage.

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