Nintendo Switch Fortnite update delayed for matchmaking tweak

Epic Games revealed today that it will be pushing out a Fortnite update in the early morning hours, but Nintendo Switch users won't be included. The company says that it has delayed the Switch Fortnite update because it needs additional time to improve matchmaking. The company hasn't said when it will release the update, but the matchmaking tweaks will be included with it.READ: Fortnite Android app flaw put Epic at odds with Google

The update is scheduled to arrive at 1AM ET on August 28, which is 10PM PT tonight for those on the west coast. This follows the game's latest major update, which arrived last week bringing big changes, including the elimination of Tomato Town and the addition of its replacement, Tomato Temple.

As well, the game now features a giant purple cube, which bounces players into the air, restores their shields, but also blasts them with a lightning bolt if shot or struck with a pickaxe. Soon after its arrival, the purple cube began to roll, slowly moving inward from its place in the desert.

The purple cube itself followed a series of lightning strikes that started shooting from rifts into the desert. The game's mysterious storyline aside, Epic also recently revealed planned additions to the game in its August State of Development report.

Among other things, Epic plans to introduce 4K support for players using the PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as changes in the game, such as additional ATKs in Playground mode. The company will also reveal a "robust" competition feature later this fall.

SOURCE: Twitter