Fortnite 'robust' competition feature arrives this fall, plus PS4 Pro 4K and more

Epic Games has released its State of Development report for the month of August, detailing many aspects of Fortnite, issues, and upcoming changes. There are a bunch of details revealed in the report, including the upcoming addition of more ATKs to Playground mode, support for "greater than 1080p" resolutions when using a PlayStation 4 Pro console, improvements to ping times for players, and more.

PlayStation 4 Pro

The company has a bunch of information to share, discussing everything from bugs to network improvements, tweaks to existing game elements, and new features. For PlayStation 4 Pro console owners, the company says it will soon enable them to play at resolutions above Full HD. This change is scheduled to arrive in the "near future."

Playground Mode

The company also touched on its popular Playground mode, which gives players the entire island to themselves. Epic plans to soon add extra ATKs to the mode, as well as more jumps throughout the island. The company also encourages players to send feedback with ideas for future Playground updates.


As for the Android beta release, Epic acknowledges that it "wasn't the smoothest experience," explaining that it is currently looking into bugs being reported by mobile players. Top priority on Epic's list — as far as the Android beta is concerned — is fixing the performance and stability bugs. Moving on, Epic plans to add support for a greater number of devices and "hopefully open the beta to all min spec Android devices soon."


Epic's Summer Skirmish has proven very popular with players and game fans alike, but the company is only getting started. In its state of development report, Epic said that it recently started developing a "robust competition system" which will enable players to compete with each other and get recognition for their in-game accomplishments. The company expects to release the first version of its new system this fall season.


Epic has also dug into a number of issues, projects, and tweaks it has made, is currently working on, and will launch in the future. Check out the full State of Development report via the link below for all the details, plus a few colorful charts.

SOURCE: Epic Games