Nintendo Switch eShop goes big on horror and adventure

It's Thursday, so that means it's time for a new round of Switch eShop games. Just like Nintendo has done every other Thursday in recent memory, today it detailed all of the new games that will be coming to the Switch eShop over the next week. Sadly, 3DS owners aren't getting anything new this week (aside from a pair of new Pokemon wallpapers available in My Nintendo), though those who own a Wii U are, surprisingly.

With the Wii U now a thing of the past and Nintendo apparently winding down the 3DS, however, most of the focus is on the Switch. Recent weeks have seen some big ports and releases on the eShop, and this week's bunch is a little more tame in comparison. Still, there are gems to be found for anyone looking to pick up a new game.

The three titles Nintendo chose to highlight this week start with Mulaka, a 3D adventure game based around the Tarahumara culture of northern Mexico. We'll also see the release of a new Scribblenauts game later in the week, and the detective-themed puzzle game Subsurface Circular. Here's the full list of games launching on the eShop over the next seven days.

Nintendo Switch

A Normal Lost Phone


Air Hockey

Arcade Archives STAR FORCE

Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo


Fear Effect Sedna (available March 6)

Grid Mania (available March 2)


Little Triangle


NORTH (available March 6)

Outlast: Bundle of Terror

Packet Queen #

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder Devastated

Poisoft Thud Card

Scribblenauts: Showdown (available March 6)

Star Ghost

Subsurface Circular

Super Toy Cards (available March 2)

Totes the Goat

Nintendo Wii U


Earlier in the week, we saw the surprise release of Outlast on the Switch eShop, which is perhaps the biggest title on the list from a popularity perspective. Outlast will soon be joined by its sequel, Outlast 2, later this month, but for now, those of craving some portable jump scares should check out the original in all of its horrific glory.

This trickle release of Wii U games we've been seeing lately is also something of a surprise. Though developers definitely aren't supporting it in the same way they have been with the Switch, we've been seeing a few new eShop titles launch here and there since the beginning of the year. While Nintendo's focus is unquestionably on the Switch, it seems that the Wii U has an ever-so-small amount of life left in it, and that's pretty cool for anyone who happens to own one.