Nintendo struggles made hilarious with Chinese 3D animation

If there's one thing the Chinese news service NMA is good at, it's presenting these ultra-strange 3D animation videos made to help people visualize the situations groups like Nintendo have gotten themselves into. Today's animation takes Nintendo's earnings presented last week and skewers them on several levels, showing Mario being smashed by an original GameBoy while a happy-go-lucky teen plays Angry Birds on his iPhone. Nintendo also faces off against Sony and Microsoft only to get beaten down by the consoles they each have held high above their heads.

This animation begins with Nintendo releasing the Wii all the way back in 2006, seeing then people playing the game and Mario himself sucking out hoards of USD cash from their pockets with a vacuum cleaner. Nintendo's fortunes turn sour in the video next with the price of the 3DS being cut and that same teen from the head image picking one up for himself, laughing as he does so. In a double unfortunate turn of events, it's revealed that the 3DS makes people sick – the teen taking a bit of a barf break as he tosses his 3DS aside.

Sony and Microsoft are up next, running through an original level of Mario Brothers with their own consoles held high. Nintendo attempts to crush them with some Koopa shells, but they catch up to the company and smash its embodiment with their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Nintendo is again represented by Mario, who refuses to invest in mobile, cries, gets crushed, and kicks a Gamecube from under a couple of kids, replacing it with WiiMotes so they can move into the profit zone. Nintendo Man and Mario then create the Wii U and hope for the best — will Nintendo be able to follow this 3D animation timeline and come out on top in the near future? Let's hope for the best!

[via NMA]