Nintendo SNES mod: Wii approve!

If ever there was good reason to break out the Dremel and lay havoc to some perspex, this is it.  An enterprising French modder, Kotomi, decided that while Nintendo's growing catalogue of old SNES games available for cheap download on the Wii was all well and good, the one thing better than "cheap" is "free".  So he set to work squishing a real SNES into a replica Wii case, ending up with – wait for it – the Super Nii.



It's a damned good copy, too, with some pleasing stylistic flourishes like the illuminated cartridge slot and the fact that it uses the Wii's Classic Controller rather than expecting you to plug a ratty old SNES one in.  Kotomi started the build in February.


Nintendo Super Nii [via technabob]