Nintendo racks up big sales on Black Friday

Nintendo has a bunch of new bundles and video games that launched just in time for Black Friday. We talked about several of the new bundles and games already. Among the new bundles were the pink nintendogs 3DS bundle, the black 3DS Ocarina of Time Zelda bundle, and a red Super Mario 3D Land bundle. Along with those bundles was the launch of some anticipated games.

Two of the new games launched close to Black Friday time were Super Mario 3D Land and the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii. The 3DS Super Mario Land 3D game sold very well with more than 500,000 copies movie since it launched. That makes it the fastest selling portable Mario game in history.

Skyward Sword sold even better for the Wii with 535,000 copies sold since November 20 making it the fastest selling Zelda game ever. Nintendo also notes that last week 3DS sales tripled up to 325%. Nintendo also notes that the increase in 3DS sales means that in eight months the gaming firm has been able to match the first year sales of the Nintendo DS. Surprisingly the Wii also had its best Black Friday ever with more than 500,000 units sold during Black Friday and pre-Black Friday sales.

[via USA Today]