Nintendo outs its amiibo plans: next wave starts May 29

Nintendo has seen rampant success with its amiibo lineup, something we've detailed at various times including earlier this year. That momentum has encouraged the company to keep going, and so it will be dropping loads of new amiibo, including the Yarn Yoshi we saw this evening. The first wave of new amiibo, which include PacMan and Wario, will be arriving on May 29, and they'll be followed up with two more waves, one taking place in July sometime, and another on an unspecified day in September.

In May, we'll be seeing eight new amiibo joining the already extensive lineup — you can see them all for yourself below. Nintendo is careful to point out that the Wario amiibo will be compatible with Mario Party 10.Though not shown, we'll also be seeing amiibo for the upcoming title Splatoon drop on May 29.

The second and third waves will be bringing Dr. Mario, Ganon, and more (a total of seven among both months). This is the North America release schedule — it appears there's a slightly different release schedule planned for Japan, however, which brings two in May and a few more in June.

Nintendo has also announced that new Mewtwo and Lucas amiibo will be coming, though the company only says it will be "some time in the future". According to a tweet from GameStop, a Ness amiibo will be up for pre-order starting tomorrow at 2PM/CT.