Yoshi amiibo made out of yarn is inbound

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 1, 2015, 5:32 pm CDT
Yoshi amiibo made out of yarn is inbound

Nintendo is in the middle of its latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, and among all the details (and there’s a lot coming), the company has announced big plans for the amiibos. Many new varieties will be coming over the next few months, but most notable among them all is a new Yoshi amiibo…made entirely of yarn. That yarn Yoshi teases the upcoming arrival of Yoshi’s Wooly World game, which will be launching later on this year. In addition, it will complement your gaming activities.

The Yoshi’s Wooly World game was announced in recent days, and in it gamers will be playing as Yoshi in a classic-feeling Yoshi-centric game, making it fitting that there’s a Classic mode in the title joining a “Mellow Mode” that opens the game up to those with more modest skill levels.

The Yoshi amiibo is a special amiibo, standing out among the other plastic amiibo for one obvious reason. When used for gameplay, one can use the game to tap the gamepad on the Wii U and add a second Yoshi (made of yarn, of course) to the game, where it’ll be a companion to the Yoshi you’re playing with.

The yarn Yoshi amiibo itself will be offered in a trio of colors: traditional Yoshi green, as well as pink and blue. The related game will be arriving later this year (in the fall), and the amiibo — prices yet unknown — will be joining it. Hit up the timeline below for more Nintendo news!

SOURCE: Nintendo

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