Nintendo launches beta Miiverse online

Nintendo announced via a tweet on Wednesday that Miiverse can now be accessed online, giving users access outside of the Wii U for the first time and showcasing Nintendo's tentative trip into the social networking sphere. Nintendo is hailing this as a beta move, and so users should expect to see things shift around as it is refined and finalized.

Says Nintendo, the mobile access for Miiverse does not offer all the features users enjoy on the Wii U, with the reason being that it is still in beta mode. According to, where users can access it, PCs, smartphones, and other devices are supported, with those "other devices" not being detailed. As a condition of being in beta mode, Nintendo advises that some devices may not be able to access it.

All of this meaning, try to access it on your device of choice and see if it works. If you don't have a Miiverse account, you can still check out the service via a sampler selection of popular posts. Users can be tagged in posts, which can also be liked. It works about the same way those who use Miiverse on their Wii U are familiar with, minus a few features.

This news follows shortly after Nintendo revealed its quarterly earnings, which show that the Wii U's console sales have continued to struggle. According to the financial report, Wii U sales failed to meet Nintendo's reduced sales expectations, hitting 3.45 million units sold rather than the 4 million expected, which was a downgrade of nearly 30-percent over the maker's original expectations.

[via Twitter]