Nintendo issues "Creators Program" control over YouTube content

Instead of just issuing takedown notices to those gamers that hoped to share Nintendo content on YouTube, the company has decided to launch a "Creators Program" this week. Instead of aiming to take down all content or take control of all revenue, Nintendo has started a program which aims to share revenue. This program requires that content sharers register with Nintendo and report every video they share – or they can share their entire channel if it's entirely Nintendo-based. Then there's a 3-day wait period.

Each video will have Nintendo earning cash right off the bat – if they see that you've launched said video on YouTube. After three days of deliberation (up to 3-days, that is), Nintendo will let the content owner know if their video has been approved for revenue sharing.

If you get an entire channel approved, you'll only have to do this one time, apparently.

Those that register an entire channel will get a 70-percent revenue share, while individual videos registered will get a 60-percent revenue share.

Nintendo suggests that payments will be sent out separate from Google's system via PayPal. So Nintendo still gets all the cash from Google's ad services on YouTube initially, then several months later they'll give you your share.

Sound like an OK deal to you? Better than giving Nintendo everything or having your video kicked out entirely?

VIA: Nintendo