Nintendo Is Getting Investor Pressure To Develop iPhone Games

I continue to be surprised that with the beating Nintendo is taking each quarter with its financial situation becoming more and more dire that the gaming company continues to refuse to develop games for other platforms. The move a while back to bring Pokemon titles to other devices was though at first to be a sign that Nintendo would start bringing its first party games to iOS and Android devices. Nintendo later came out and announced that it would not be supporting those platforms and that the Pokemon Company was an independent operation.

According to MacRumors, Nintendo is now facing pressure from investors to bring its games to the iPhone. I am surprised that Nintendo isn't willing to support iOS and Android with its stock at a 6-year low. They have tried slashing the price of the 3DS recently to encourage more adopters to $170 and faced some anger from early adopters over the price cut. Some are calling for Nintendo to buy other developers that are already developing for smartphones and Facebook. I have to wonder if Nintendo has the money to do that with its financial woes.

The key to investors pushing Nintendo to develop games for other platforms may ultimately lie in ousting Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. He has previously stated that as long as he is in charge at Nintendo the company will only make games for its own products. The popularity of games on smartphones and tablets would mean that the Nintendo games, if offered, would certainly sell and games are not selling well at all for the 3DS and other platforms like the Wii aren't looking too grand either.

[via MacRumors]