Nintendo denies iOS and Android game plans

Nintendo is having a hard time in the gaming market right now with its new 3DS console not selling well. The 3DS needed until mid-June to move a million units in Japan, which is much longer than it took the previous portable console to sell the same amount. A lot of gamers and analyst were excited earlier in the week when it seemed Nintendo was ready to step into the mobile game development realm for the Android and iOS platforms.

The rumor started when the Pokémon Company announced that it would be developing a game for the iOS and Android platforms. Nintendo owns 32% of the Pokémon Company, but it was quick to point out that the Pokémon Company is in fact an independent company even though Nintendo owns a big part of the firm. Nintendo denied the move into mobile OS games.

A Nintendo representative named Yasuhiro Minagawa said that Nintendo has not changed its policy to only develop games for its consoles and will not change that policy in the future. Nintendo's stock price actually rose 4.9% when analysts and investors though it might be moving into the mobile game realm. I am surprised at a point when Nintendo could use more profits it would leave money on the table, it could clean up with official versions of some of its classic games for mobile devices.

[via Android Community]