Nintendo 3DS sells a million units in Japan finally

Back in March when we reviewed the Nintendo 3DS we really liked the console but didn't like that the eShop wasn't available at the time. The eShop is set to launch soon making the new Nintendo portable more appealing to us. Despite the eShop coming soon, the 3DS hasn't been selling in the volume that Nintendo hoped for. The company has announced that the 3DS portable has finally hit the million unit mark for sales in Japan.

The 3DS has been on the Japanese market for 13 weeks now. To compare it took the Nintendo DS only four weeks to hit the million unit mark. The DS Lite and DSi took eight weeks each to hit the million sales mark. That certainly shows that the 3DS has taken off slowly. I think at this point the slow sales is mostly the lack of many games on the market to choose from.

Nintendo's Satoru Iwata has previously said that the 3DS wasn't performing as Nintendo had hoped and so far, global sales haven't been that great. The sales in Japan are roughly a third of global sales of 3.61 million units as of the end of the fiscal year for Nintendo in March.

[via Joystiq]