Nintendo games go 3D with FCEUX hack

Chris Burns - Dec 27, 2013, 4:36pm CST
Nintendo games go 3D with FCEUX hack

If you’re in the mood for some next-generation action on your past-generation emulated games, a fellow by the name of plotor has just the bit for you. What this hacker/developer has done is to create a rather simple modification for the game emulator FCEUX. This emulator takes the pixels that make up each original Nintendo Entertainment (NES) ROM and converts them all into voxels – 3D, that is.

While the ability to turn these 2D-scroller titles – as most of them are classified – into 3D beasts isn’t always helpful, it instantly converts the whole lot into a work of art. If you’re all about repurposing or re-envigorating the past, using the all-powerful voxel as a tool is a great place to start.

At this time the creator of this lovely system has it set so users can change a variety of settings, starting with thickness. You can make a PacMan game viewable from any angle. You can make Mario wave like a flag. You can make Zelda completely unplayable.


Or you can just test the system out and figure out why you wanted to use it in the first place. It’s like the first step in a long journey that leads to the complete ressurection of the NES gaming library, if you like. Have a peek! It’s not easy to implement, but Plotor is keeping it retro, start to finish.

VIA: Technabob

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