Nintendo eShop offline and Pokemon Bank frozen as servers struggle

Chris Davies - Dec 26, 2013, 3:03pm CST
Nintendo eShop offline and Pokemon Bank frozen as servers struggle

Nintendo may not have made the same headlines as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 over the holidays, but a surge of users has seen the eShop suffer downtime for 3DS and Wii U owners since Christmas. The company has blamed an inrush of Nintendo Network ID registrations leaving owners of both its handheld and living room systems unable to access the eShop download store, and even forcing Nintendo to take its Pokemon Bank service offline in Japan.

Detailed earlier this month, Pokemon Bank is intended to offer Pokemon X and Pokemon Y gamers space to store up to 3,000 individual Pokemon creatures, as well as allow for transfers and swaps between titles. The service launched in Japan on December 25th, but Nintendo says that the eShop overload has prompted it to take it offline again.

There’s no indication of when Japanese gamers will regain access to Pokemon Bank, nor indeed whether the planned December 27th across the Americas and Europe will take place on schedule.

The downtime affects 3DS, Wii U Basic, and Wii U Deluxe owners, Nintendo says, with attempts to access the eShop giving nothing but a “Please Try Again Later” warning message. According to the company, the problem stems from a Nintendo 3DS update earlier this month, which brought Miiverse support to the console.

It also integrated the 3DS’ download store – and any balances associated with a gamer’s account – with the Wii U’s eShop, under the Nintendo Network ID (NNID) umbrella. A greater-than-expected rush of people taking advantage of that has seemingly overloaded Nintendo’s servers in the process.

Nintendo says it is working to rectify the problems, but vocal gamers are still complaining about the patchy access – if they can get online at all – on Twitter. The company’s service status page still has no ETA on when the issue may be resolved.

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20 Responses to Nintendo eShop offline and Pokemon Bank frozen as servers struggle

  1. This is why Nintendo should of just made an in game way to transfer Pokemon over just like they did with Pokemon Black 2 instead of creating a Nintendo. Just goes to show that Nintendo is just like any other company who only cares about finding extra ways to make money when they could of just included the transfer in the game.

  2. Pokebank is $5 per YEAR. I honestly doubt it’s a money thing if it’s that cheap. It’s just the bare-bones of assuring the servers are at least partially funded. It takes money to run servers of that sort and they’re still giving away 30-day trials so people can transfer their pokemon for free. If they wanted to make money so badly, it would be much more expensive.

  3. I think the systems went offline due to the overload of Japanese people going into the e-shop to download poke bank. It isn’t the ID’s. And if THIS many people are going to buy it, they should lower the price to 3$. then eventually make it free because… i mean… nintendo have enough money as it is due to pokemon X and Y anyway, and they are gonna get just as mud money (maybe twice as much) due to SSB4. Why do we need to pay for this? And part of this offline problem is the launch date. Christmas is NEVER a good time to launch something because it will go out if stock ASAP due to kids with christmas money from their grandparents.

    • no it’s not, you just got really lucky and got it while it was up; either they shut it down again or it crashed from too many users

  4. i got into the shop but it says Pokemon Bank available at local retailer while also saying 3ds Download only but not letting me download it. What the heck?

  5. How is it that every other gaming company had this problem and resolved it within 24 hours, but Nintendo is still struggling? This is starting to become complete bullshit

    • It’s struggling because nintendo didn’t think ahead to increase the server capacity when they decided to merge all the nintendo network id’s from the wii u’s and 3ds’ that are already out there. That plus all the new users that they gained on chrismas day around the world and the launch of the pokemon bank in japan by which there are, without question, millions upon millions of pokemon users that were waiting for the pokemon bank release in just japan alone. Bottom line, these waters are new to nintendo and they clearly under estimated the amount of online users that they would have to manage. Im looking at this as a good thing for nintendo, because for one people haven’t lost their faith in nintendo yet considering all the online traffic it just suffered from over the holiday and also their now further development of their online servers, by which I think we all agree here could use some love and attention.

  6. hi there nintendo needs add 1 million servers xbox one live has 300,000 servers please nintendo add 1,000,000 servers you could do a nintendo video marathon for 24 hours too 96 hours 1 too 4 videos too raise money too

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