Nintendo DSi XL suffers teardown

Like being brutalised in boarding school showers, suffering the indignity of a teardown is mandatory for today's top tech.  iFixit have taken their screwdrivers and spudgers to the Nintendo DSi XL, fresh to the US this weekend, and now splayed across a table for us to pick through its components.

In the process, iFixit came across the 25-percent larger battery and a separate WiFi card that can be removed from the DSi XL's mainboard.  There's also been a redesigned battery connector, which will hopefully be less prone to damage (the old one was a long ribbon cable that snaked across the handheld).

However, many of the other components – such as the flash and RAM controllers – are the same as what you'd find in the DSi, and of course the DSi XL's displays, while bigger, run at the same resolution.  We'll have our review of the Nintendo DSi XL up this week.