Nintendo DSi not coming to US until 'well into' 2009

If ever there was a reason to move to Japan (not that I'd take much persuading) it's the news that the US might have to wait even longer than initially expected for the new Nintendo DSiAccording to Nintendo of America chief Reggie Fils-Aimé, while the handheld will make it to Japan in around a month, US buyers will have to wait until "well into calendar year 2009".

The reason for making American customers wait longer for their DSi fix is, ironically, because they're too keen.  Fils-Aimé claimed that strong sales of the DS Lite, which the DSi is expected to sit alongside, have prompted the delayed launch, so as to make the most of enthusiasm for the existing system.

Whether that enthusiasm will continue as would-be buyers discover that a new model is not only waiting in the wings but available elsewhere in the world remains to be seen.  Gamers are now hoping that "well into 2009" actually means a few months in compared to, say, a CES 2009 launch.