Nintendo DSi browser whups DS Lite in video speed test

Although you've been able to browse the internet on the Nintendo DS for some time now, the experience has never really a been a good one.  That's something that Nintendo promised to change with the new DSi, and going by this browser speed showdown from the guys at N+, they've succeeded.Video showdown after the cut

The test pits the Opera-designed web browser for the original DS Lite, that comes on a separate cartridge, against the new Opera Web Channel which is available as a free download for DSi owners.  Unlike the cart solution, once you've downloaded the Web Channel to the DSi it becomes a permanent menu feature, and so you don't have to carry anything extra around.

As the video demonstrates, the DSi gets to a readable version of the webpage – in this case the NY Times – before the DS Lite does, and the whole thing finishes loading well in advance of its older sibling.  The Nintendo DSi is set to launch in the US on April 5th.

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