Nintendo commits to in-stock Switch

After E3 2017, the Nintendo Switch is looking like a much more attractive platform – the only problem is that they're still difficult to find. Nintendo has been grappling with stock shortages ever since launch, and though we're now nearly five months out from release date, those shortages don't seem to be getting any better. This has led Nintendo to not just comment on, but apologize for, the shortages.

In a post made to Nintendo's Japanese website, the company apologizes to consumers and retailers for the ongoing stock issues. The company says that it's currently shipping new units every week and plans to ramp up production in July and August to coincide with the release of Splatoon 2. In Japan, Nintendo will be releasing a special edition Splatoon 2 Switch bundle with pink and green Joy-Cons, so that's likely what the company is referring to there.

As we move into autumn, Nintendo says that it will "continue to work to ensure that as many products as possible" are available to consumers. This is going to be a fairly big deal for Nintendo, as it will want a healthy supply of Switches in stock for the holiday shopping season. If shortages persist as they have been, then we could very well have another Wii on our hands, at least as far as holiday stock is concerned.

The Switch has certainly proven to be popular with consumers, but that's only one part of the equation here. Given the Switch's hardware, Nintendo is in competition with smartphone makers for parts. Recent reports say that it's a battle Nintendo is losing, as companies like Apple are ultimately able to order more product and therefore take precedence over Nintendo.

So, assuming those reports are true, then this stock shortage could last for a while. That's especially true as we head into a busy month for smartphone companies, with the likes of Apple, Samsung, and LG all expected to launch new phones. Keep in mind too that Nintendo's commitment to ramping up shipments may only apply to Japan given the nature of this statement, so hopefully we'll see an influx of consoles in North America and Europe as well.

SOURCE: Nintendo