Nintendo blocks out 3rd party resellers with own refurbished online store

Nintendo is looking to steal some business away from 3rd party resellers like Gamestop or Game n' Trade with its own refurbished online store. Its new refurbished store currently only offers slightly blemished Nintendo 3DS and Nintedo DSi XL systems, but soon it may offer even more products like the Wii U. While the refurbished online store will be beneficial to consumers, it will be detrimental to businesses. Luckily for businesses around the world, Nintendo's refurbished store is only available in North America.

Nintendo's refurbished store may offer better deals compared to other resellers. Prices start at $99.99 for a Nintendo DSi XL and $129.98 for a Nintendo 3DS. The systems are fully functional, but Nintendo warns users that there could be "minor blemishes" on the system. All refurbished products come with a one-year warranty, the same warranty it offers for its new products, just in case you have an issue with the system later on.

Nintendo is looking to keep its sales in the family, because while it can't stop people from purchasing used systems over new systems, it can stop people from purchasing used systems from other companies. In order to make its refurbished products more enticing, not only is Nintendo offering its refurbished products with all of its original gear, but its also throwing in a charging cradle and an AR Card Pack for free.

The Nintendo 3DS has been successful in the market, despite the huge decline that the portable gaming console industry has been seeing. It sold over 31 million units so far and has been said to be the "best portable gaming console" to date. Its no surprise considering all of the major titles that have been released onto its platform, including a remastered Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, as well as an upcoming remaster of the portable Pokemon franchise.

[via Nintendo]