Nintendo 3DS finally gets YouTube support

Shane McGlaun - Dec 2, 2013
Nintendo 3DS finally gets YouTube support

The Nintendo 3DS game console has been reasonably popular with the mobile gaming crowd since it launched. It is certainly fighting fierce competition from smartphones and tablets in the mobile gaming realm. The 3DS has a new trick in its bag that might make it more popular for its users.

Nintendo has announced that support for YouTube is officially here for the 3DS. A new YouTube application is now available for North America and Europe. The app is said to work like any other YouTube app out there. The video is played on the top screen of the 3DS.

The bottom screen shows suggested videos and the play bar. The L trigger and B button are back buttons with the R trigger and A button acting as pause buttons. The d-pad and circle pad give scrolling options.

The bottom screen also allows users to search and navigate a video without closing the video you are watching. Last month Nintendo issued an update for the 3DS that brought Miiverse support and more to the 3DS.

SOURCE: Joystiq

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