Nintendo 3DS design flaw leaving screen-scratches?

Chris Davies - Apr 19, 2011
Nintendo 3DS design flaw leaving screen-scratches?

Nintendo 3DS owners are complaining of a design flaw that can leave the upper, glasses-free 3D display scratched simply by carrying the console around. According to multiple posts on Nintendo’s support forums, the clamshell design can leave the raised edges of the touchscreen rubbing against the top display; while initially the marks it leaves will rub off, some owners have found permanent scratches are been left.

The display isn’t the only aspect of the console seemingly prone to damage. Eagle-eyed owners have also spotted D-pad cracks appearing, potentially where the top section has been squeezed down onto the controls.

There’s speculation that Nintendo has used insufficiently-plump rubber stoppers to prevent the two halves from contacting, especially when squeezed together in a pocket or bag. Nintendo was particularly proud of its 3DS design, but customer service staff reportedly claim to not have heard of this particular issue (though they did offer a replacement when one owner called in and complained).

Any 3DS owners out there suffering scratched-up consoles? Let us know in the comments.

[Thanks Fred!; pictures credit ANDIDS]

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