Nintendo 3DS’ 3D chip revealed as DMP PICA200

Chris Davies - Jun 21, 2010
Nintendo 3DS’ 3D chip revealed as DMP PICA200

Rumors regarding which graphics chipset might be powered the Nintendo 3DS have been circulating for some time – NVIDIA’s Tegra was one common suggestion – but the actual supplier has turned out to be a Japanese company with a somewhat lower profile.  Digital Media Professionals has just announced that it supplies the 3D graphics core for the 3DS, in the shape of their DMP PICA 200 GPU.

Video demo after the cut

According to DMP, the PICA200 is capable of up to 15.3 million polygons per second despite only having a 200MHz core clock speed, together with the sort of antialiasing modern gamers are expecting.  There’s more information here [5.1MB pdf link]

Of course, we’re still not sure what else is lurking inside the 3DS’ chassis, and won’t for sure until Nintendo start releasing the units and we see the first teardown.  That’s not tipped to happen until roughly the end of 2010.

[via Engadget]

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