Nimble Jump is the new Flappy Bird

The game Nimble Jump is pixely, cute, and entirely addicting. It's also difficult to play, but extremely enjoyable at the same time. Out for both iOS and Android – the latter released just recently, the former earlier this year, this game is prepared to take on both of the big mobile ecosystems at once. You'll begin with a character that's chosen for you, leaping from one wall to the other to avoid saws, then you'll be given the opportunity to create your own character on a pixel grid. From there, you'll never stop.

Nimble Jump is extremely simplistic. You tap on either side of your display to make your little sprite jump up and to the left or the right, and you can double-jump. You'll find that the jumps can be strung together somewhat, making your decisions about when to tap and in which direction more complicated.

Leaping back and forth from wall to wall to avoid saws as you inch closer and closer to infamy is the closest we've gotten to Flappy Bird without being driven completely insane at having never gotten past two obstacles.

This is it.

The one BUMMER about this game is that there's no full-priced option.

You're going to have ads inside AND in-game purchases. BUT you do not need to make purchases to play. You can play forever without making purchases. The only thing you're able to purchase is more sprites – and you can make your own custom sprites for free. So there.

You can find Nimble Jump on Google Play for your Android device and on Apple's iOS AppStore for your iPhone or iPad.